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“If you don’t understand Hero’s humour, go kill yourself”

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Rik Mayall was a comedic genius. Whilst I loved him as Lord Flashheart in Blackadder. Rick in The Young Ones and a host of other characters it is in Bottom where I loved him most.

Whilst many remember Bottom for the slapstick humour for me it was the overriding sense of never being able to escape from the bottom that left me in love with the work. A lifetime of never doing it, never escaping a squalid flat and never not being a complete loser was the genius and the setting for the slapstick on top.

Rik’s facial expressions could make me laugh before even a word was spoken and then of course the words were brilliant too; crude, rude but always so brilliantly delivered.

I had the pleasure of seeing him live a couple of times and no-one ad-libbed better. It was just a shame that Bottom 4 never happened.

Rik Mayall - 1958 - 2014