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“If you don’t understand Hero’s humour, go kill yourself”

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The first day after Regina was filled with another walk through Central Park and it’s amazing how you can keep finding new and different parts of it. I think I also had a cheesecake slice (it’s hard to fill out the non-gig going days with things of interest so I am resorting to listing what I ate) and then in the evening we had dinner at the Rockefeller sky-top bar. Considering how I’ve moaned about being broke the whole trip you might want an explanation of how this was possible.

Well Friday was the last working day of the month and so therefore payday. But its Thursday I hear you cry… well not at 7pm in America for a Brit it isn’t and by 8pm the money had hit my account. That small gap between the money going in and the bills going out was extended too, as the first wasn’t until Monday. Time to have a little bit of fun…

The one notable story was having eaten our meal we thought we’d go out to the viewing deck but were told we needed to wait five minutes so returned to our table. On returning a server came over and said that we couldn’t sit at the table as it was reservations only. I said we had reserved it and had just eaten. She replied ‘Are you sure?’ It was then the couple next to us said ‘We just saw them eat’. The server took the reservation name, went to check but didn’t come back. It’s always nice as a paying customer to be questioned as to whether you are telling the truth!

It did however work out well as that got us talking to the couple next to us who were from Texas and celebrating their anniversary. They were really friendly and by the end of the evening had invited us to stay if ever we came over. The only issue I had was, and it doesn’t surprise me but it should do, that such a lovely couple voted for and still supported Trump.  

Texan Lady: The one thing about Trump is he always keeps his promises

Hero: I’m not so sure about that

Texan Lady: He is a great businessman and he is running the country like a business and that’s what we need.

Hero: He’s been bankrupt six times…

I trailed off and changed the subject after that. The next port of call would be me stating he is probably a serial sex pest at best and what’s the point? They weren’t going to change their mind after talking to an Englishman for five minutes and I didn’t want to sour the relations. Like I said they were lovely other than that!

I did have one more story from this day and have been umming and ahing as to whether I would tell it. It is both disgusting and humiliating (well for most) but also had a moment of genius (you know those types of moments where you throw some rubbish over your head and it bounces off the wall into the bin (but in this case far more disgusting)) and well, the last thing that came anywhere close to this that I documented Steeve found hilarious.

I feel as this is the tenth anniversary of the site this month (I’m writing this in July) and he is one of a couple of people that has continuously read the material since day one  he deserves the story. For the average person however I didn’t want to put you through it and so you have the option simply to skip it and go onto the next day. Again the link below is a disgusting story, so if you don’t want to read it you have been warned.

Bonus Entry

NY Day Eight - 27/06/19

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