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“If you don’t understand Hero’s humour, go kill yourself”

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Albums Of The Year

Here are my top 3 albums of the year for every year since 1994. Whilst of course I have bought many albums from prior to this date, this was the year I first truly discovered music so it seemed a good place to start.

It turns out that some years I bought a load of albums and others not so many. It also turns out that some years were easy to pick and others harder depending on the quality and quantity of that year. Either way it has no effect on anything, it’s just a list from a fat, hairy man.

Top 3s

I love lists. It gets people really angry and upset over something that doesn’t matter. The beauty of these Top 3’s is that no matter how much you might not like them you cannot argue with them because they are my top 3’s. You might not think Load is Metallica’s best album but I do, so it is in this context 100% correct.

Enjoy (or not)!

Concert Rundown

Since 1996 I have been attending shows. As a teenager growing up in London that meant a lot of choices.

Then there was a move to university with no money and a lot of distance to anything there were a lot less choices.

Next there was Brighton and a whole load more choices as I was closer to London again.

Now I am in the South West it is again harder to get to shows so as you can see, when I go for it, I go for it.

Album Rundown

Probably the most pointless list of them all. I rate every album that I own. The only thing that will make it not pointless is if anyone reads it and gets upset that their favourite album is only listed as okay when really they shouldn’t care.

It’s worth noting that a lot of albums are listed as okay because I just haven’t listened to them in forever and I blame them for not calling out to me.