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“If you don’t understand Hero’s humour, go kill yourself”

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Sam Buckingham

Sam has done all the artwork for both my releases. He has also drawn God and ‘Work Jerk’ for this site. He is a hero!

Tom Vincent

Tom played drums on the 763 Sandwiches Short of a Picnic release. He also plays in a cool covers band and if you live around London and like your rock and pop covers from over the ages go and see them.

Dave Bickley

Dave as well as being an ultimate hero and a long-time friend also plays in Reasons To Be Cheerful. Classic punk, new wave and ska feature in an always exhilarating set.

James Perryman

James has been writing his own stuff for years and whilst starting off rocky has a more acousticy, folky, country vibe these days. You can hear and purchase his latest material on his site.

Duncan Black

Duncan is a musical genius. One man with a guitar and a pedal producing musical landscapes one can only dream of. Currently playing with Libra Ame, Rabo De Toro and Mucus.

Jamie Burne

Jamie was doing something really cool before it was cool back in the day, mixing synth sounds, beats and rock. I recently found out he is now in the rather successful Sleep Beggars.


Ben aka Freetobewhoibe walks around fields doing music reviews on Youtube. He’s great.

YouTube Friends


Wonders around fields music reviewing amusingly.

Lost in Vegas

The best of the music reaction channels.

Little Punk People

Kid interviewing metal stars brilliantly.

Dude Perfect

Sports Tricks.


Football Tricks.

Cosmic Skeptic


Atheist Minority

I wish she’d come back. Best Youtuber on the topic IMO

Rationality Rules

Debunker of bunk


American News Channel




John Niven

Grumpy Skeletor

James O’Brien

John Niven is my favourite author and carries this through to Twitter. No one insults like Niven does and his targets are always fair.

Grumpy Skeletor hates He-man for obvious reasons and is hilarious in the way he shows this hatred. Quite simply the best fictional Twitter handle.

I don’t get to listen to his show but his tweets more than make up for it. For politics he’s probably my favourite tweeter.