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“If you don’t understand Hero’s humour, go kill yourself”

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I am not the only person to feature on this site. Words, sounds and visuals could not have happened without the following people:


Steeve, John, Andrew, Phil, Dustan, Elen, God, Douchbag, Atedious, Actbore, River

Both Steeve and John have contributed some fantastic reviews and along with Steeve, Andrew, Phil, Dunstan and Elen have contributed to the Siary section of the site, adding words and character above and beyond my own.

God himself has also contributed to the site and has his whole own section, Bible II.

Along with this we see fictional contributions penned by Hero that are loosely based on arseholes he has had the pleasure of working with in the past.

All entries can be viewed in the Words section of the site or if you want to view all of a particular person’s then jump to the Words section on this page and then to that person’s entries.


Alan, Frances, Nick, Tom, Marc

Alan has been huge in helping me getting these releases to where they are. He produced, mixed and played on 763 and mixed and added drum samples to Food.

Frances is so far the only vocalist I’ve ever had on record and though only on one track, she sounds fantastic. You can hear it on the Food EP.

Tom is an unbelievable drummer and laid down all tracks for the 763 album in half a day. A truly incredible performance and you can hear the results here.

Nick laid down the bass parts on Food and gave me the idea for the descending riff in Jimmy Saville Superstar. He’s a fantastic player and if you’re in Brighton and need a bassist, look him up.

Marc has a beautiful solo lined up for the Horrendous Waste Of Life track and once I have a vocalist will lay it down.



Sam has designed all the visuals for this site, the albums and is a very talented man. I am stoked that he contributed what he has and it is thanks to him, this site is not just word based!