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“If you don’t understand Hero’s humour, go kill yourself”

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Let’s start with the bracketed part and maybe everybody apart from me does but that seems unrealistic. Why do certain people feel the need to fill my Facebook wall with threads like these:

As you can’t go out, go to gigs, eat in a restaurant, go to the pub, watch sport or socialise with anyone at all, post a picture of a dustbin, no words, no explanation, just copy this message and post it in your feed.

Why do people bother? How does this actually help anyone get through this? You know all those good things you used to do? Well this isn’t that, pass it on!

The other ‘noble’ thing people are doing is telling me that they’ve updated their Facebook status to say they’re staying in. Well good for you, are you after a medal? I can’t think of anything easier than not going out, yes it might be boring compared to the list of things mentioned above but it’s not hard is it. You didn’t go anywhere… well fucking done you.

Seeing as I’m going for it, people got very excited to clap for the NHS workers at 8 O’Clock one evening. That’s all well and good but you also voted in the Tories by a landslide who have underfunded the NHS for years. It’s like offering someone a condom (with holes in) after you’ve fucked them. I also wonder just how much they were clapping the NHS compared to how much they were enjoying the feeling of clapping for the NHS. Either way the problem with clapping the NHS is it doesn’t actually stop the people dying. Mass testing does and we are a million miles behind on this. Maybe we can clap for ventilators next and hope they magically appear out of thin fucking air.

I am not sure how many of you follow US politics other than knowing that Trump is a buffoon but the Democrats are really no better. A while ago when Brett Kavanaugh was the Republican choice for the Supreme Court, the Democrats were not happy with it because of an alleged historical sexual assault. All the Democrats (and ‘left’ wing media (it’s hardly left) were (rightly) up in arms. The alleged case was worthy at least of hearing and the slogan we know was trotted out continuously by all of them, Believe All Women! This included Biden himself who stated, For a woman to come forward in the glaring lights of focus, nationally, you’ve got to start off with the presumption that at least the essence of what she’s talking about is real.

Roll on to now and Joe Biden has been accused of sexual assault by Tara Reade and you’d have thought it would at least be a consideration, after all for a woman to come forward in the glaring lights…

There has not been a fucking peep. Elizabeth Warren who is a ‘champion’ for women, who took down Bloomberg and was applauded for it in the debates because of his alleged treatment of women, and who built her whole election campaign of fighting for women recently said of Biden:

Every time he has a chance to talk, I'm reminded though, he is a good and decent man. And as a leader, he would not be putting himself first. He would be putting first the interests of the American people.

Don’t worry about it then. Even people I like such as Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez as far as I can tell have said nothing and then there is the media…

I can’t actually watch much US news coverage so I am only going on what I read but according to The Hill & Secular Talk amongst others there has been next to no mention of the Biden alleged assault. It’s not a small story is it? Presidential candidate accused of sexual assault. You might think it’s worth mentioning. And now to the sport… there is no fucking sport to go to! I appreciate Corona takes the lead headline spot but if you can continue it to the point where you are showing a video of Dave singing happy birthday to his mum via a video app because he can’t physically go round, surely you have time to mention an allegation of sexual assault against a current presidential candidate!! It’s not like you didn’t when it was ‘grab ‘em by the pussy’ Trump!

I have picked out only a very few examples of people ‘believing all women’ until it doesn’t suit anymore because as there are so many examples already up all over the internet if you want to research more you easily can. It’s impossible to take anything away from the whole episode other than that nobody cares about women really. I mean if it helps a political cause sure but if it hurts it, you’re on your own.

And so this is where the US electorate has ended up. In November most likely they will have a choice to vote for a guy accused of sexually assaulting women vs a guy accused of sexually assaulting women. The whole Democratic nomination campaign was full of media talking points about how the choice was between one old white guy and another old white guy and how in a modern America this shouldn’t be. The fact that their track records and policies were completely different was seen as irrelevant because they both had old willies.

However when it comes to November I’m sure they aren’t going to mention that it is two old white guys and instead they will tell you, you must vote Biden to save America. Biden who can barely string a coherent sentence together and whose political track record is hardly an erection/clit inducer for the working person vs a guy who can’t string a sentence together without mentioning how great he is and whose track record is hardly an erection/clit inducer for the working person. I mean how can you be excited to vote for either on that? Oh and they both potentially assaulted women. Wonderful…

However I don’t want to end this on a dampener so I have a proposal. At 8pm GMT tonight I want you all to stand outside and clap for sexual assault victims. I’m sure that will solve it much like saying #believeallwomen did for those politicians who are now ignoring Tara Reade. And finally, whilst you’re waiting for 8pm, post a picture of your genitals on social media with no description, no explanation and tag in five other people, after all the world must go on.

No One Actually Cares About Women (Or Your Facebook Post)