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“If you don’t understand Hero’s humour, go kill yourself”

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I am as you know a very liberal man. Whatever you are into sexually is absolutely fine by me. As long as it’s done by two consenting adults (or three or four or ten if that is your thing, or if you are a very single man like myself just by yourself), then as far as I am concerned you should go and fill your boots (if filling your boots turns you on). I really see no need to interfere with whatever people may be into and being a very single man for a very long time I have seen enough porn categories to understand there is a lot of things that people can be into.

One fetish that is a complete turn-off for me is dressing up as a baby or having an adult as your partner and ‘parenting’ them because they are a ‘baby’. The only reason I bring that specific fetish up is because off the top of my head that is the least sexy thing I can think of that is legal to do. However if you are into it, like I said, you should be able to put on a big nappy and suck your thumb and if you are another adult and that gives you a hard-on good for you. It’s better than having a hard on for an actual kid and as I am sure a baby-fetish person will tell you it’s a completely different thing anyway.

This all leads me onto a story I was told of someone’s sexual fetish that is not okay because it does not consist of two consenting adults and therefore we have reached the line one should not cross. Of course for the protection of those concerned I have changed the setting and circumstances and will exclude any reference of who told me the story but what happened is essentially the same. Enjoy.

This person’s friend was renting out a room in their house and this friend (let’s call her Clare) was a female. The person she was renting it to was a male (let’s say Dave) and lovely. He used to water the plants when she was on holiday, walk the dog when she had a late meeting and used to cook for her once a week and join in with the chores. He did everything that you would expect from an ideal housemate and everything was going wonderfully well. That was until Clare one day came home early.

Now this is obviously the point at which the twist happens; the moment she finds out he is not ideal and I had jumped on the obvious answer; his pants must have been down. I was in one way quite right but I was not expecting the addition that was to come.

You see when Clare came home, she found Dave sitting in the front room and his pants were not only down but off, in fact he wasn’t wearing any clothes at all, well apart from one item. And what was that one item I hear you ask (well I actually hear you tell me to get the fuck on with it but I don’t care because as you know I’m happy to ramble in these blogs)? That one item was…

Her panties. Yes she walked in from work to see Dave sitting in the front room, with both the TV and her panties on. It was just another day…

And that of course was Clare’s worry; was it just another day? How long had this been going on for? She didn’t wait to find out. ‘I’m going to a friend’s for the night, by tomorrow I want you packed-up and out’.

My mouth hit the floor, I was not expecting that. I mean there is something and then there is something else and that was something else. The, what I thought would be an ‘Oh God she caught him masturbating’ anecdote was actually an ‘Oh he did THAT?’ anecdote instead.

Now of course if you are a man and want to wear women’s underwear then you should absolutely go and do it. However the caveat is that they are either yours or you get consent from the owner of the panties. I’m sure it might be a difficult thing to come to terms with but that is no excuse to come to terms with it in someone else’s panties.

I have been told that the lady in question years later can laugh about it but she really shouldn’t have to should she? All I can add is it puts camping being shit into perspective.

A Fetish Too Far