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“If you don’t understand Hero’s humour, go kill yourself”

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Next month marks the 10th anniversary of this site; a site that I often comment on has had little readership, traction or effect on the world in any way whatsoever. It has contributed absolutely nothing to anything or anyone other than to give me something to do once in a while when there has been nothing to watch on the television.

At the end of last year I nearly stopped writing altogether as does someone really have anything worthwhile or new to say after at that point nine years of writing? Judging by the readership of this site you could have made the same argument after two weeks of starting however the persistence has paid off. I have come up with one of the greatest ideas of all time and if implemented even in the smallest of ways would instigate world peace and tolerance forever AND I am not even joking. This is the greatest idea I have ever had and I should go down in history as one of the greatest minds of all time for this. Again I am not even joking and my ironic self-professed Hero nickname should lose the ironic part and be used not just by myself but by anyone that ever references me. I am as you will now see a fucking Hero!

The Hero World Exchange Service Experience

It seems a popular thing now to say National Service should be bought back, to straighten up the youth and bring back national pride etc. Well this idea is a much better version of that as it doesn’t train kids to kill people, brings back world pride (that’s 194 countries better than national pride) and stops the already adults killing people.

In your 16th year of living you will be required for 6 months to live in another country. You do not pick this country, it is randomly decided (to stop rich people with influence being able to have any better prioritisation over poor people (an important factor as you’ll see later on)) and having had the country picked you are then assigned a random city of that country’s top three populated cities or top two plus the capital if it isn’t in the top three.

So why is this such a wonderful idea Hero; aren’t you just giving young people a free holiday?

It’s wonderful for the following reasons:

1- Firstly yes it does give young people a free holiday but it also gives them a chance to realise whatever country they are in isn’t a bad country with bad people in it but just another place where normal people live just like them. It would remove their potential future or current prejudices about the country they are residing in.

2- A free holiday is much more appealing than doing National Service; most kids might actually buy into the idea. Also it teaches them independence and all the other things that will help them become a functioning adult.

3- They would also meet people from all corners of the globe (fellow Hero exchangers) so they would realise that all people from everywhere are just people with normal ordinary lives. This is different to meeting and being friends with someone different in your own country as this teaches you that not only are people that are different to you are also just people like you, so are countries that are different to yours also just countries like yours.

4- By doing this at 16 you are catching people before they reach full adulthood and are set in their ways. You would from that generation start having a population with a much healthier and fuller world view.

5- As they had had this experience when they were 16 they would be a lot more tolerant of future exchange 16 year olds that came to their country as they would know the experience they were having. Therefore it would reduce prejudice in their own country in subsequent years.

6- This would also work in regards to immigrants of all ages as again they would have had some experience of being immigrants themselves.

7- This would stop future wars when the generations of 16 year olds started to run the world as now each person of that generation would know people personally from all corners of the globe. It’s a lot harder to drop random bombs on countries when the people you are dropping them on are no longer as random.

8- And this is the absolute genius part. You would stop all future wars immediately. If you were prime-minister/president of a country how happy would you be to go to war when the major cities you needed to bomb were populated with your kids and allies’ county’s kids? How do you explain to the families of the children you have sent to that country that you are now going to aim bombs at them? You couldn’t could you; there’d be a huge outcry and you’d probably automatically sign your exit out of office at the next election cycle.

So there you have it in a nutshell; Spread tolerance amongst the young by helping them explore a part of the world, teach them independence and adult living at the same time and stop countries bombing other countries because their own country’s children now reside in them. You can split the groups up too so that there is always some of your children in each country all year round. Also by having complete random selection it stops those that make the warring decisions to be able to plant their kids in ‘safe countries’ whilst they plot to bomb others.

Now you might say well what if every country doesn’t sign up? Well that isn’t too much of a problem  either. If Trump doesn’t like the idea ‘It’s a very bad idea, I don’t like the idea, very bad for our country’ he will still have the problem of bombing Iran if there are a load of European children there. One, there will be a lot more pressure on him from Europe to not do it and two, well it’s harder to justify killing white children to the base isn’t it?

So there you have it, the idea that should win me the Nobel Peace prize. Of course I’m willing to accept the idea might need some tweaks and can be improved but the actual concept is genius isn’t it? I don’t think I need to say anymore do I? It’s up to you the reader now to share this and get it going and most likely a Scandinavian country to be the first to instigate it (well Britain never will let’s be honest). I’ve done my work and so now I hand it over to you whilst I go off for a beer to congratulate myself.


(Non-ironic) Hero

I’ve Genuinely Come Up With A Legitimate Idea To Create World Peace