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I Don’t See Colour

I had a lovely weekend last weekend with a good friend of mine who I have mentioned a lot recently because she is mixed race and has told me constant stories that proves why Black Lives Matter is important and why All Lives Matter is a stupid thing to say. Having discussed that to death in the last few entries how about we move on to the next stupid phrase…

I don’t see colour

It’s a phrase that’s often said in a condescending way to us who are obviously less intelligent than the person or in an arrogant ‘I am on a far higher moral stratosphere than you are’ way. The issue however is it’s bollocks. Myself and Natalie proved this by applying it to other things.

Having just had the bill come out for the food I tried it first. ‘I don’t see the bill’ I said thinking this would save me some cash. ‘I don’t see the bill either’ she replied and then we were stuck. Should we just run out the restaurant without paying? The problem was neither of us could see the door even though we were pretty sure we entered via it. Natalie then had an even bigger problem as having been to the toilet (somehow) she came back and couldn’t see me. As you can see the problems were mounting and especially when it came to the artwork in the restaurant. Going back to the original not being able to see colour, the paintings became completely pointless.

Below is an article that was shared on Twitter recently:

If I asked you if that article is racist then surely you’d answer yes. However if you ‘don’t see colour’ then it can’t be and that is the problem isn’t it? Whether you like it or not, colour exists and you have to see it, otherwise you might as well just say, ‘I bury my head in the sand’.

Moving on to the article and the white guy anonymously sent a banana to the table of a black guy because he thought it would be funny. A racist trope so old and obvious no-one needs explaining its connotations; except readers of the Daily Mail it turns out judging by the last sentence of the image.

The white kid knew what he was doing and did it anyway because laughing at a black man being black is still apparently funny. To all the All Lives Matter Facebook posters that wish ‘they wouldn’t go on about it’, this is why they do, and you should. In 2020 white people still think it is both acceptable and amusing to use a banana as a prop to liken black people to monkeys.

Apparently according to the black man, when he complained to the Weatherspoons staff they didn’t appreciate his concern or issue, explaining that the banana was free, someone else had paid for it. In the same way I am sure lots of black people were calmed when they realised that the rope that formed their noose wasn’t going to come out of their own budget.

How did it not strike the member of staff at any point whilst walking over to a table with a black man on it that there was an issue delivering one banana to him from a stranger. In the same way I am sure that when the member of staff gives a lady a drink and says it was bought for her by the guy at the other end of the bar the staff member also adds, ‘but I have no idea why’.

The other issue aside from the massive racist one of sending a black person a banana is that by doing it anonymously the black person has no idea that you are a podgy pathetic cunt. He has to consider that you could be a 300lbs meathead waiting to beat him up, so not only have you humiliated him, you have also ensured he is now scared of what may or may not happen next.

The Right always go on and on about what a great nation we are and yet I keep having to read stories like this; I just wish I didn’t see text. Talking of which hopefully you do otherwise writing all this would have been a complete waste of time.