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And Definitely No Gays!

You can’t beat Smooth FM…

This was uttered by my colleague as now that the Heart FM loving colleague is off, they had a chance to switch stations. Having listened to it now for a few weeks I can tell you that statement is not true.

I will agree it is better than Heart FM, a fair bit too but only in a way that being slapped in the face by a small child is a fair bit better than being punched in the face by a trained boxer; it would be better if neither happened.

Something else that would have been better if it hadn’t happened was the conversation I am about to relay following a text exchange. The text exchange (arranging a visit by a plumber I’ve used a couple of times before) ended with him by mistake sending me:

Where are you John??x

Sent by mistake mate

And I replied:

No problem… something about the plumbing… Good luck finding John!

He then replied with a few laughing emojis and that was that; a completely nothingy incident that isn’t worth writing about except the next day I receive a phone-call.

I’m not a faggot just to let you know, I love the pussy…

I didn’t know what to say. Let’s just say we were long-time friends, I would have still been gobsmacked but this was a plumber that I didn’t really know. Where was this coming from and why was it coming at me?

I know I put the kiss yesterday but we all do that, we’re just mates, it’s not like I am a queer or anything…

I think at that point I just said oh right and then he talked about the plumbing.

It does perplex me that people still believe that racism, sexism and homophobia are just things that happened in the past and no longer exist when unless I am somehow unique in having these experiences they clearly do. Bearing in mind I am not currently female, gay or not-white and am still seeing and hearing all this shit you would have to assume I’m only in the shallow end of the pool and there is a much deeper other end.

Just to recap, a guy I don’t know well, on a professional call about a job was happy to use the word faggot and tell me he loved pussy without a thought. What next?