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Women Only

There seems to be a theme recently and the last few days have done nothing to allow me to divert the Siarys in other directions. There is one story I forgot to mention and a new one to add. However we can at least start with a positive.

I was listening to a lady before my holiday talking about women’s rights and she was a very strong advocate of that. We all agree that women should be equal right? Therefore we have at least one sign of positivity. Unfortunately this positive message was slightly diluted by the words that preceded it…

Fuck Black Lives Matter, fuck LGBQ rights…

And then she added:

What about women’s rights?

It’s the dumb argument that has been explained a million times before but let’s do it again with a few examples and then some with added Hero ‘no-need to use that as an example but seeing as you’re here’ examples.

I’m going to eat an apple…

What about oranges you bastard?

I am buying a school uniform for my son Antony today.

What about your daughter Chloe, what about her uniform?

She’s two.


I’m raising money for breast cancer, would you care to donate?

Don’t you care about prostate cancer then you cunt?

What are you doing?

I’m trying to stop this person getting raped

There are other people getting raped too you know, don’t you care about them?

But this one is right here, I can help out now


You get the idea. Just because someone is focused on one issue doesn’t mean they don’t care or can’t care about another. Just because one issue is being raised doesn’t mean another can’t. You can support BLM, LGBQ AND women at the same time. In fact sometimes you really don’t have a choice, I will support your vagina but not when another woman is touching it and only the pink inner part of the lips.

The other negative was she was shouting this at the top of her voice to her partner/ husband /friend /someone sharing her balcony. I was on a completely different one, and hoping to enjoy a relaxing evening with a glass of wine but had to endure that instead. It really didn’t endear me to her cause.

Fast forward to today at work and I had the usual moan given to me about foreign call centres and I get they can be frustrating; however is there any need to do the ‘funny’ accent? This ‘funny’ accent was I presume an attempt to sound Indian but came out very Chinese and followed by a laugh. You know how funny it is that some people living in other countries can’t speak our language very well, stupid idiots.

Again I get the frustration but it’s the cunts at the top of the pile trying to squeeze every ounce of savings that they can get away with that are the problem, not the ‘silly accent guy’.

To end this Siary and on a completely different note I had a conversation with someone who knew me really well but I had never (to my knowledge) met. I went to a different Tesco than usual due to it being late and needing to get to the closest one to where I was before it shut and had this conversation on entry with the security guy:

SG: Hey How are you doing?

Hero: Good Thanks

SG: What have you been up to?

Hero (I had a large rucksack on me so thought he had clocked that): I have just come back from a trip to Scotland

SG: Oh I thought you were coming in to do a shift mate

Hero (now clocked we were non-mate mates): Erm no

SG: Oh well I hope you had a good time

Hero: Yes it was good thanks

SG: You’ve grown a beard too

Hero: Erm yeah… well good to see you, I had better get my shopping

SG: You too, good to see you again.

Having had this conversation (it was a few weeks ago and actually lasted a fair bit longer but I can’t remember the content) I then realised I’d have to say goodbye again on my way out. Thankfully he was talking to someone else he did or didn’t know and a simple ‘See you later’ was enough.