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All Lives Matter On Facebook: Part II

The true test of friendship is being able to go on holiday with someone and it be completely enjoyable. I had been lucky last year to go to New York with Natalie and having just come back from Scotland can attest she is in that small group of friends where I don’t have to worry about anything whilst away, aside from enjoying myself.

That is true with one small caveat and that is that she is a ‘lady woman’. On returning from the trip and calling my folks my mother let me know that she had seen a picture from the trip and asked my sister if Natalie was a potential girlfriend. Finding out that she wasn’t led my mum to be a little disappointed because Natalie ‘looked lovely’ (which she is) and for some reason my mum is still concerned that I am still single and hopeful that I won’t be. I can only wish my dad is the one that lives the longer of the two as if I am still single in 20 odd years’ time and she is not attached, she might ask me out herself!

The problem I have in helping my mum feel more relaxed about this is that 90% of all people who are married don’t fill me with glorious stories about how wonderful it is and so I have never been in a rush to find out. I am sure if the right person came along it would all fall into place but that would involve me doing something about it and the track record on that isn’t great. It’s a shame my mum isn’t as hopeful for me that I will go to more concerts as I’ve only ever had one dry spell in that area and that has been the recent ‘out of my hands’ problem.

Speaking of people who are easy to go on holiday with, the other glorious trip I had last year was to San Francisco and I had an absolute blast because Steeve was another zero-trouble travel buddy. He is forty today (or yesterday in the country he lives in) and I just wanted to congratulate him on turning such a big number. Below I will list all the positives for him of hitting forty along with all the verified medical benefits of Homeopathy.

Natalie is the friend I mentioned in the last but one entry who should ‘go back to where she came from in her banana boat’. It turns out this wasn’t the only issue she had at school…

In the school she went to she was the only mixed-race/black student until a new year arrived at which point the population of mixed-race and black students doubled to a whooping two people. Natalie one day went over, introduced herself and said hello. It was a complete nothing event in an otherwise run-of-the-mill day in which she went to her lessons and did her school work until…

Later that day she was pulled out of class and told to sit outside the headmaster’s office. Considering that she hadn’t done anything wrong that she could think of she started to worry. I mean what could be so important to pull her out of class, had there been an accident at home, were her family okay?

After a short while she was called into the Headmaster’s office and it all became clear. She had been seen talking to the other non-white child and that this loitering was suspicious. ‘What do you mean?’ asked Natalie, ‘I wasn’t late for class, I didn’t skip class, what is the issue?’ ‘Well’ replied the Head, ‘We are concerned you might be dealing drugs!’ What?!!

Natalie had to sit there whilst her locker was searched. It turned out (obviously) that there were no drugs in her locker and that her crime had simply been that she talked to the other non-white person and that in itself aroused such worry and concern that the only legitimate reason had to have been drugs.

Natalie also told me another story about one of the first jobs she had had. A company had needed extra staff and her and her two friends had via the agency been told they had been accepted. Natalie being the only one that had a car at that point agreed to drive them as it wasn’t a convenient place to get to and took them both in.

Having completed the first day and returned home Natalie received a call from the agency telling her that it turned out that she was no longer needed and Natalie thought nothing more of it. It was just one of those things that happens if you are temping and being hired via an agency. Sometimes the priorities at the company change and the current important job becomes less important. I have also experienced similar circumstances in the past when temping.

This thought however changed when another friend called her who coincidently already worked in the company she had temped at for the day. It turns out they had kept the other two ladies on and as they didn’t drive paid for them to arrive and leave work via taxis as Natalie was no longer employed. So what great crime had Natalie committed? After all out of all of them she was the most qualified (she could actually get to the job without costing the company money). Well her friend told her, ‘the problem is that they didn’t like you because you were black’.

Ask yourself has anything like this happened to you before? Have you been accused of selling drugs, have you been let go from a job because of your race, have you been told to ‘go back home on a banana boat’ or to quote the other example in the last but one entry, have you been told ‘your dad is alright for a <insert whatever race you are> man’.

To put this into further perspective (not that this should actually matter) but Natalie is not 100s of years old. Her school experiences and that job experience did not happen in the 1860s or even 1960s. She is (although she will claim she is actually twenty-six (that reminds me of another example where I was present of a guy complimenting her youthful looks by saying ‘black don’t crack’)) my age (roughly) and therefore this all happened in the relatively recent past. Also she is at least as smart and as intelligent as myself (okay that is not hard but you could easily replace my name with yours), dresses and looks after herself better than me and is easily able to handle a conversation. She also has children that she so far has had no problem providing for.

I add all that because there is no able reason a ‘All Lives Matter’ person could add that she ‘looks shifty’ or is ‘lazy’ or maybe she just needs to ‘pull her socks up and work harder’ as an excuse for any of the above. I shouldn’t even have to bring any of that up but I have seen enough posts and had conversations to know that these questions would be raised.

This is just one person’s example that would show any ‘All Lives Matter’ person of why ‘Black Lives Matter’ is and needs to be a thing if they had any inclination to look. And all lives mattering brings us back to my good friend Steeve who sent me the following message…

I was thinking of your previous Siary about people posting on Facebook about BLM. Someone just friend requested me who I vaguely know who is a parent of a friend from a while ago - tenuous links. So I accepted and immediately regretted when the first posts were ‘how can we accept migrants when we have British homeless’. Oh man. Two issues clearly can’t co-exist. And neither can any form of trying to help any but your own. I’ll be removing them when I can bothered.

And this is the issue with all those ‘All Lives Matter’ cunts who either ignorantly or with clear intent miss the fact that a, they have never had to contend with the issues that for example Natalie has had or b, when people actually do need help such as the recent migrant issue suddenly forget their own slogan as it doesn’t actually benefit them to help.

With all that I wish more people could be like Natalie and Steeve. They are both absolutely no problem to go on holiday with and read my Siarys (Steeve needs extra credit as he might just have read every single one!). Birthday wishes once again for the man and future holiday wishes again for Natalie. It’s a shame I can’t just write about average movies that I’ve watched isn’t it? In fact that’s just made me think of the one positive in Yesterday, the main character was not white and it didn’t seem to matter, which is possibly even more unrealistic than the whole ‘everyone apart from him forgetting the Beatles, Harry Potter, Coke and cigarettes had existed’ plot line.