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“If you don’t understand Hero’s humour, go kill yourself”

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763 Sandwiches…

Food on The Table

A Reprobate’s…

The full length album, still awaiting vocals. It’s got riffs, it’s got grove, it just needs you (if you can sing). Listen here.

Complete EP of musical adventure, painting landscapes that capture views of little interest to many but lots to me. Listen here.

An album that has the rock on 763 with the quirk of Food. In current form they are just my tracks but I’d love to complete them. Listen here.



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New Review - 15/09/19

Metallica & The San Francisco Orchestra - My good friend & friend of the site returns to review this monumental gig.

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New Review - 15/09/19

Metallica & The San Francisco Orchestra - My turn to review this monumental gig.

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New Siary - 22/09/19

Heart FM Is Shit - I knew I hated it but not to the point I’d make it to seven pages!

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New Review - 05/10/19

Kill Phil Kill: Kill ii This Live & A Phil Demmel Clinic - Manchester Academy III, GuitarGuitar, Boston Music Rooms

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New Siary - 13/10/19

Things People Say - People say odd, random and funny things. Some people are also directionless.

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New Siary - 28/10/19

An End Of An Era? A Tribute to CM0304 - This game has served me well since 2003 and now it looks like that era might have ended.

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New Siary - 23/11/19

Return To The Dark - It’s been a while since I’ve been this dark…